Insurance Solutions Volume 101 Mar 2010


Summary of Events:

19th January 2010

11:00am: On the 19th of January a car was driven through a wall.

12:30pm: Bruce Chiene Insurance Brokers were notified of the accident by
the Insured.

1:30pm: Warren Schafer and Chris Perry (Bruce Chiene Insurance Brokers) attended the site and met with the property manager and Police. Police then contact the Parramatta Council and arranged a structural engineer to visit the property and give a report.

2:30pm: Bruce Chiene Insurance Brokers notifies CGU of the claim.

4:30pm: CGU arranged for boarding up of hole and for their Assessor to contact Bruce Chiene Insurance Brokers.

20th January 2010

10:30am: Warren Schafer meets with the Assessor and Property Manager

11:00am: CGU's builders were contacted and repairs authorised without quotations.

27th January 2010

By Wednesday 27th January the wall had been repaired and the scaffolding from the school grounds removed.

With the Broker, Insurer, Assessor and Property Manager all working together, we were able to achieve a fantastic result for the work to be carried out within 7 days of the accident, which included a long weekend.

By Bruce Chiene Insurance Brokers